Pursuant to Section 5.02(A) of the LPSC’s July 26, 2013 General Order (the "Net Metering Order”) regarding the net metering cap, BECi hereby advises that it has surpassed the net metering cap set at 0.5% of its LPSC-jurisdictional retail peak load in net metering purchases. BECi will no longer accept any new net metering applications whereby BECi would credit a member for excess power generated by their parallel generating system.

The LPSC order does not preclude BECi members from purchasing, leasing or otherwise installing photovoltaic solar panels, wind turbines or other sources of renewable power on their private property. It also does not preclude BECi members from being eligible for any applicable state and federal rebate/subsidy programs. Under the terms of the LPSC order, however, upon exceeding the 0.5% cap BECi is neither obligated nor required to purchase any excess power generated by equipment owned or leased by its members.

For those henceforth planning on installing renewable energy generating systems, the Standard Interconnection Agreement and supporting documentation will continue to be required before installation in order to review new interconnections for safety and reliability.

The following steps must be followed to obtain approval for installation of a net meter with Beauregard Electric Cooperative, Inc. (BECi). If the following steps are not followed, the system may not be approved for interconnection to the BECi System.

1. Contact BECi Engineering at to obtain the following documents: "Standard Interconnection Agreement”, "Net Metering Rider”, and "LA Net Metering Rules”. These documents explain the net metering installation requirements and rates that apply for Beauregard Electric. Documentation may be submitted to BECi via

2. The BECi member must submit the following before system installation:

a.  A completed copy of the Standard Interconnection Agreement (Sections 1-3) 45 days prior to date of desired interconnection.

b.  A one-line diagram of the system indicating the electrical interconnection and the physical location of the equipment to be installed.

c.  A manufacturer’s data sheet (cut sheet) of the visible open, manual, disconnect switch used for isolation from the BECi system.

d.  Documentation from the manufacturer that the system complies with IEEE 1547 – "IEEE Standard for Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systems”.

e.  Note: The primary purpose for these steps is to evaluate the safety of the system before allowing interconnection with the BECi electrical grid. There shall be no back-feeding into the BECi system when power to the home is interrupted.

3. BECi Engineering will issue an approval or disapproval of the design. After approval of the design has been issued by BECi Engineering the member can proceed with the installation of the system. After installation, the visible open, manual, disconnect switch must be in the OFF position to prevent back-feeding the BECi system.

4. The member must execute Section 4 of the Standard Interconnection Agreement certifying that the system has been installed in compliance with the local building/electrical codes. In lieu of the signature of a parish inspector, a copy of the final inspection certificate may be attached. The parish inspection must be complete prior to commissioning of the net meter.

5. The member should notify BECi upon completion of the installation and parish inspection. BECi personnel will contact the member to schedule a time for utility inspection and testing of the installed system. The homeowner (BECi member) must be present for the inspection and testing and to execute the Standard Interconnection Agreement.

6. If the system passes inspection and testing, BECi will install a Net Meter. The Net Meter will record Forward KWh (KWh provided by BECi) and Reverse KWh (KWh fed back onto the electrical grid).

In the case of a member purchasing a home with an existing parallel generating system and net meter, a NET METERING TRANSFER AGREEMENT may be completed at the time of application for service. The technical data need not be re-submitted, and a re-commissioning visit may not be required.

If there are any questions or you need additional information, please call or e-mail the BECi Engineering Department.



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