Text Power
*Report power outages with a simple text
*Check the status of your outage with a simple text


All users must register their mobile number and account number(s) at: http://textpower.com/redarrowpower/bgoptin.aspx



First you must Opt-In your mobile number and your primary (home) Account number [12345001] on the page above. Then click on the "Register this mobile number" button. A pass code will be sent to your mobile phone which you will enter in the box labeled, "Enter Code from Phone" and hit the "Submit the Pass Code you received" button. A message appears stating, "Thank you. Your sign-up is complete!" You are now registered!

To add a second, third or other (limited to 25 on the same mobile number) account(s), follow this procedure.

1. Enter your cell number that was used for your first account.

2. You will be asked to verify it via the standard passcode scheme; (a new passcode will be sent).

3. After verification, you can enter your additional accounts. For each account you must select a Nickname for that account that is unique to your cell number.
Nicknames must be at least 2 characters long and no more than 4 characters (PRI, SHOP, BARN, etc.). Your Nicknames will show as upper case, regardless of the case you used to enter them. Case makes no difference in the nickname. Your first account will always be automatically assigned a nickname of PRI (for Primary). You cannot change this.

4. You cannot delete an individual nickname and/or an account once it has been entered. You can however text STOP to 85700 which will erase all your accounts and then you can start over.

To report an outage or get status for your accounts:
1. If you have only one account on your cell number: Simply text #outage or #status to 85700.
2. If you have more than one account, you must append the nickname after the command. The instructions tell you to use a , (comma) after the command but in reality, lots of non-alphabetic characters will work.
a. Example 1: Text #outage, PRI (Report an outage on your Primary account)
b. Example 2: Text #status, Barn (Get the status for the account number that has the nickname of (BARN). Remember that case is irrelevant.
c. If you donít append a nickname and you have multiple accounts, you will get an error message reminding you that you have to enter it.
3. Both the outage and status commands accept many shortcuts and even some misspelling of the commands.
a. #outage accepts #o, #ou and #out in addition to the standard #outage.
b. #status accepts #s, #st, #sta #stat, #os, #outstat as well as misspellings like #statis.



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